The main dude & protagonist in here. she has generalized anxiety and yeah, lifes tough :/

Personality Edit

Quiet and shy towards new people and would rather people come to her instead. Has anxiety so like

Backstory Edit

She had two homeless parents, and lived an okay life for about 5 years until her parents got into a car crash. This killed the mother, and it was decided the dad couldn't raise her so she was sent to an orphanage, and discharged at 15 for economic reasons. she was taken in by a group of other teenagers, though she felt as though her friendship with them was not genuine. during the 2-3 (idk) years leading up to the beginning of (i dont have a name for this story) she has had 1 relationship, and like right when (no name story) begins she decides to leave the dude. oh yeah this entire like 2-3 years she has been homeless :(

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